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ThinkCX Publishes Independent Galaxy S8 Churn Data

ThinkCX Publishes Independent Galaxy S8 Churn Data

ThinkCX, the AI company that measures and predicts smartphone churn, has released their analysis of the migration patterns of consumers who purchase Samsung’s flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The data exposes which smartphone models users owned immediately prior to their purchase of an S8/S8+, and so reveals some of the competitive movements in the mobile device marketplace across brand and model lines.

The analysis was performed by analyzing a proprietary set of 365,000 actual device switching events that occurred in June 2017 across the United States. Each event is logged by ThinkCX as a “switching pair”, where both the previous and replacement devices are identified by brand and model. This linking capability between old and new device provides an unprecedented view into actual events taking place in the consumer smartphone marketplace. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ switching events were isolated from this sample set, and in each case the old, or previous device was identified in order to provide a clear indication of which device each new purchaser was coming from.

The data reveals that Samsung S8/S8+ purchasers have developed a fairly high degree of loyalty towards the Samsung brand. Nearly 67% of consumers buying anS8/S8+ were already Samsung owners. About 25% came over from an Apple device, and the small remainder from LG, ZTE and Motorola. (There were other brands cumulatively representing less than 1% of the switching group, but they are not included in this release for brevity’s sake.)

The analysis gets even more interesting when the previous device is more granularly identified by specific model. The model-by-model breakdown within each brand is shown below. First, Samsung:

Now, a breakdown of purchasers who switched from iOS to Samsung’s Android platform:

The last brand with significant model-by-model relevance in the switching data is LG:

ThinkCX will be publishing smartphone churn analyses on a regular basis, including a switching report to the new Apple phones once the iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been released and in use for a while. ThinkCX also has the capacity to break down smartphone conversions by wireless carrier, advertising IDs, and by region, and so industry analysts, phone and carrier marketers, advertisers, and financial analysts should contact ThinkCX at to find out more about getting the data they need to optimize ad campaigns and build their marketing plans and models.


ThinkCX Technologies Inc. (“ThinkCX”) is an AI company that uses big data and machine learning to help companies optimize the lifetime value of their subscription based or recurring-billing customers. ThinkCX anonymously measures smartphone switching behaviour in the marketplace, and builds predictive models that are leveraged by telecom brands to either retain their existing customers, or acquire new customers far more efficiently. ThinkCX does not use any sales data or reports produced by telecom service providers, and therefore is an objective, impartial, and independent voice in the industry.

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