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DR PETER CASTELLANA is developing a patent for doing root canal without pains

New York, U.S.A – 1 May, 2017 – your teeth are extremely important to the way you look, your self confidence and overall health. All that’s good starts with a

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PledgeGo Launches Innovative Platform for Charitable Fundraising

The time to disrupt philanthropy is now!  Entrepreneur and philanthropist Robert Baca has developed PledgeGo, a fundraising marketplace for donors and charities.  The new charitable giving platform is helping donors make more impactful

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Lease performance insurance protects landlords from deadbeat tenants

Landlords who find a security deposit and one month’s rent aren’t enough to cover the cost of a tenant leaving

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Stock Circles Releases Smart Auto-Trading V3

Los Angeles – May 1, 2017 – STOCK CIRCLES announces the immediate release of Smart Auto-Trading V3, one of the first

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New App With Simplest User Interface Launched To Alert Users About High And Low Battery Level And Hence Extend Battery Life.

Independent App developer Hitha Paul P. is committed to developing apps that simple, useful and also add value to the

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